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Cultivated South Exterior
Red Cedar Siding
Exterior West
Exterior North
Large South Windows
Living Room
Kitchen Window
Butcher Block
Composting Toilet

Introducing the Cultivated! A tiny home on wheels with no compromises

All-inclusive cost of $110K

Sativa Building Systems is excited to announce the launch the most unique tiny home available anywhere, the Cultivated Tiny Home.  Cultivated without compromises. 

The Cultivated Tiny Home is uniquely exceptional in beauty and in maximizing the use of premium, non-toxic, no-VOC materials.  It is the only tiny home that incorporates Sativa Building Systems’ Z Panel hempcrete technology as thermal storage wall.  Homes should never hurt people.  With the Cultivated Tiny Home, you can feel confident in knowing that your home is crafted with the absolute highest quality materials, unparalleled among tiny homes.  Additionally, the Cultivated Tiny Home maximizes the use of both mold and fire-resistant materials, and is optimized for off-grid applications with all electric appliances.  A healthy tiny home.  A safe tiny home.  No compromises.


  • 8.5 ft wide x 24 feet long x 12.5 ft high
  • 180 square feet of first floor living space with an additional 65 square foot loft. 245 square feet of total floor space
  • 13,200 lbs


  • Custom, purpose-built trailer from Tiny House Basics with 2-7K axles and 4 stabilizer jacks. 2 and 5/16 ball.
  • Premium Pro-Snap Steel from Midwest Manufacturing with a limited lifetime warranty. Hidden fastener steel is superior since it nearly eliminates exposed screws and screw holes, minimizing the potential for leaks. Pro Snap steel was used not only not only on the roof, but also all exterior walls.
  • Six-double pane, low E windows from Panes. 
  • 6’ wide sliding patio door.
  • Red cedar bevel siding accent stained with hemp oil.


  • One 24 foot wall is constructed using 11” thick hempcrete Z Panels. This acts as a thermal storage or Trombe  Thermal storage walls align with passive house design principles. Thermal mass within a building is beneficial as it acts as a heat sink.  With an R-value of more than 20, and a mass of 3K pounds, The Z Panel wall will heat up and cool down slowly,  (called thermal inertia) helping regulate indoor air temperature.  Constructing the thermal mass wall out of hempcrete Z Panels is uniquely beneficial since Z Panels are mold, fire, rot, and pest resistant.  Hempcrete also helps regulate the humidity levels, and as a bonus, is a carbon- negative material! You can see the wall installation here. 
  • The roof and remaining 4 walls are all insulated with R15 Rockwool Comfortbatt Not only is Rockwool Greenguard Gold Certified, but it is also fire resistant and does not rot or promote the growth of mildew, fungi or mold.
  • The subfloor is ¾” tongue and groove plywood.
  • Structural framing is all 2×4 Pine or Douglas Fir lumber.


  • 25” Quartz Sink.
  • Summit 24” wide 9.9 Cu. Ft. Electric Fridge.
  • Summit 20” wide 2.3 Cu. Ft. Electric Range with 4-burner cooktop.
  • Counter-to-ceiling ceramic tile backsplash.
  • Hard Maple butcher block countertops stained with a no-VOC dark tung oil.
  • Hard Maple butcher block breakfast bar stained with a no-VOC dark tung oil.
  • Solid oak-faced cabinets finished with no -VOC paint.


  • Separett Villa 9215 waterless composting toilet.
  • Large 5’ shower with glass tile surround and fiberglass base. Sliding glass doors.
  • 30” wide birch wood vanity.
  • Ceramic tile floor.


  • Pioneer 12,000 BTU 20 SEER 115V Ductless Mini-Split Inverter and Air Conditioner Heat Pump System.


  • EcoSmart Eco 8-kilowatt Tankless Water Heater.
  • The plumbing design has been very thoughtfully planned. No plumbing runs through the exterior walls, which nearly eliminates the potential for frozen pipes.
  • Simple, RV style water connection.


  • 50 amp breaker panel.
  • Simple, RV style electrical connection.
  • 15 total outlets including 4 GFCI protected outlets in kitchen and bathroom.
  • 6 canless LED interior lights, 2 bathroom wall lights, 1 LED exterior light.


  • No MDF was used in any of the wall coverings or trim. Only solid wood products.  MDF can contain harmful glues and is prone to swelling and attracting mold with moisture exposure.
  • Solid pine wood shiplap is used for all walls and ceiling.
    • The ceiling shiplap has been stained with a no-VOC dark tung oil from the Real Milk Paint Company
    • The wall shiplap has been painted with a no-VOC paint from
  • Solid pine wood baseboard, casement, and corner trim all finished with Clare paint.
  • Wilderness Birch Engineered Hardwood Flooring with a 35 year warranty. This is also a no-VOC floor, rare among flooring.
  • Red Cedar exposed beam floor joists.
  • Solid pine shelves, stairs, and railing. All stained with no-VOC dark tung oil.

Design Principles:

  • No-VOC: We specifically chose materials that had either no or minimal VOC’s or any substance that might be detrimental to those with chemical sensitivities.  This meant that almost everything had to be purchased unfinished, and then finished by us before installation.  This is labor-intensive, but we were committed to ensuring each, and every finish was non-toxic.
  • Strong and Safe: Hempcrete is a unique and strong material, in addition being non-toxic and fire-resistant.  Its properties are unparalleled when it comes to building materials. A steel exterior ensures that this home will be not only very durable in every kind of weather, but also fire-resistant.
  • Functional: Your home should be low maintenance and work well for you. It should be practical and have a low ongoing operational cost.  It is for this reason you won’t see any gas appliances.  If you have access to water and electricity, you have everything you need for this tiny home. No need to refill propane tanks.  This is optimal for those who may have solar capabilities.
  • Beautiful: When we say “no compromises” that means that we believe a home can be incredibly functional, safe, structurally sound, and of course beautiful. We want the first thing people to say when they see your home to be “that is beautiful.”  Sustainable, safe, and non-toxic homes don’t have to look unusual.  They can and should be beautiful.
  • Sustainable: We take seriously being good stewards of the earth, and empowering people to maximize self-sufficiency through sustainable systems and materials.

Delivery Charges: You can choose to pick up your home in Wittenberg, Wisconsin or we will assist with finding delivery options.  All costs associated with delivery will be the buyer’s expense.