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Z Panels

Safe and Sustainable Hempcrete Block Panels for Residential and Commercial Construction

Tiny Homes

Non-Toxic Tiny Homes on Wheels Incorporating Z Panel Hempcrete Technology

What we do

  • We make proprietary and patented hempcrete block panels for safe and sustainable building construction. Benefits of Sativa’s sustainable, patented Z Panel structures include passive air filtration, resistance to mold, pests, rot, and fire.
  • We make tiny homes on wheels that incorporate our own Z Panel hempcrete technology and maximizes the use of safe and non-toxic materials.

Why Z Panel Construction?


Our highest priority is providing building materials that contribute positively to the health and well-being of people. Hempcrete as a material is the gold standard. Repeatedly proven to resist mold, fire, rot, and pests, no other material can compete. While other wall materials off-gas numerous chemicals, Z Panels are fully non-toxic.


Sustainable products like carbon-negative hempcrete empower communities by localizing supply. The main component is hemp hurd, or shiv, which can be grown in almost any climate. It is now possible for the construction industry to significantly reduce Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions by building Z Panel Structures.

Z Panels

Hempcrete Block Panels

Z Panel Structures

Setting new standards with safe and sustainable building construction

Tiny Homes

Safe and Sustainable Homes

The Cultivated Tiny Home

A healthy tiny home.  A safe tiny home.  No compromises.

Watch Z Panel Installation Demo