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What is hempcrete?

Hempcrete is simply a combination of hemp shiv or hurd (the inner woody part of a hemp plant stalk), lime, and water

How much does it cost?

At the projected price of $60/panel, a home could be built at a cost just 10-12% more than a traditional home with the cheapest wall materials. This is a similar to other upgrades such as brick veneers or building a log home.

Are there any other benefits?

Besides being breathable, non-toxic, mold resistant, fire resistant, pest resistant, rot resistant, and carbon negative, hempcrete also has great thermal inertia.  That means it heats up and cools down very slowly.  It also has great acoustic properties.  It dampens sound much batter than a regular wall. .

Can Z Panels be used below grade?

Hempcrete is meant to be used above grade (above ground level).  If continually exposed to moisture and not allowed to breath, it would eventually begin to rot because of the natural cellulose within hemp. It is not a foundation replacement.

How are walls finished?

The walls are finished with any breathable lime-based stucco or plaster, usually on the inside.  Many textures can be used as a matter of personal preference.  The finished walls end up looking like many stucco/plaster walls. The exterior can be finished with any type of siding/cladding or even stucco that you’d like.

How can I order?

We hope to be in production with code certified Z Panels within the next 8 months.  However, we would love to hear about your plans and interest in using Z Panels.  Please email us at

Why hempcrete?

Hempcrete simply has the best combination of physical properties and functionality.  It is a proven material that is easy to source and use.  It has gained more widespread acceptance in the UK and France, and is beginning to gain traction in the US.  

What makes your products unique?

We have a utility patented design that simply no one else has.  Our panels mechanically interlock with load bearing studs and each other both top and bottom.  Our binder is also proprietary.  It swaps out more expensive and foreign-sourced hydraulic lime with locally-sourced hydrated lime with a strengthening additive.  The embedded horizontal structural wood cross-member is also unique in the way that it adds lateral strength.   

Can I hang stuff on my walls?

Yes! The great thing about Z Panels is that the wood studs reside just below the surface of the lime plaster.  That means that securing items to the studs is as simple as it would be in a traditional home. 

Will you make other products?

Yes! We are working on other hemp based bio-composites for building construction. Stay tuned for more!