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The Benefits of Hempcrete

There are many individuals new to the concept of hempcrete. You may be wondering why would someone want to construct their home with a hempcrete product?


Hempcrete is an amazing alternative for wall construction. Its benefits triumph over traditional construction products, guaranteeing a healthy living space.  We want to break down the key benefits of our product!

The Issue With Traditional Wall Construction.

When my family and I moved into our home, we had problems with water draining into the window sill. The water trapped inside the wall was creating mold.


When it comes to traditional construction, I thought to myself:


“Why build homes to keep moisture out, but when it does and becomes trapped, why can’t it get out?”


The Key Benefits to Hempcrete

Unlike traditional methods, our panels will dry out if moisture is trapped. Even better? It’s designed to not rot.


The hempcrete captures carbon through the growth process. When combined with a lime binder, it will continue that growth process.


The curing process of lime requires carbon, so it’s always curing further. This makes it a carbon-negative earth-friendly product!


Sounding too good to be true? It isn’t!


Although it dries out, it still absorbs water. The drying process has the ability to regulate in-home air humidity taking water from the air.


Of course the icing on the cake, our hempcrete is termite resistant. Termites won’t want to chew through this.

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